Water transfer Decal

Miracle Sheet

Miracle Sheet - is special paper which can be printed by inkjet printer or laser printer depending on sheet type, and it will turn into instant tattoo just by applying adhesive film.

What you need!

a small Tissues, a small amount of water, scissors, a hair dryer.

Design & print word, graphic or photos onto the card (print legend on the glossy side)

Dry the printed surface well with a hair dryer.

Attach a transparent sheet to the printed surface to make the Adhesive bond adhere.

Remove the pasted transparent sheet slowly. When you remove the transparent sheet, the picture is left with adhesive bond.Place the picture over the surface you want to apply it to and rub lightly from back. *If you are applying the picture on a curved surface,press lightly along the curved surface. Apply a small amount of water to a tissue and wet the entire sheet sufficiently. In about 10 seconds, the sheet will slide off from the picture,leaving the picture on the surface.If water remains on the surface of the picture after removing the sheet, remove the water using a dry tissue. Leave the picture to dry for about 10 seconds. Then it is ready.

How to make it that is water transfer decal

How to use it that is water transfer decal