MSL(Microcut Security Label)
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Counterfeit Prevention Microcut Security Label

MSL(Microcut Security Label) is a label in the world for the only counterfeit prevention. The right can be defended by pasting MSL that can be done by patterned minute outline to the commodity.

-It is not counterfeited up to the present time though it has manufactured since 1992.

Custom Microcut Security Label on your product, please feel free to contact us.

What is MSL ?
The MSL (Microcut security label) is protect a product to made a label of the microscopic linear pattern is difficult to imitate.
We development machine and have a unique of print materials for MSL label.
Counterfeit Prevention

The MSL is possible depending on a use and combination with the following counterfeit prevention.
1) Hologram ( Photograph technology to record a three-dimensional image on a plane using an interference fringe of the light. )
2)Ultraviolet light (Use a special emission ink to print )
3)Micro (Technology of print the minute letter )
4)Each of angle the color be change (Color changes into purple, bluish green by a point of view )
5)Embossed (Processing technique add embossed )
6)A cord two-dimensional

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